Prostitute Disfigurement -《Embalmed Madness》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Embalmed Madness

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Prostitute Disfigurement建立于2000,后加入吉他Roel。Dismemberment Records在他们的第二次演出后为他们发行了Embalmed Madness首张专辑(机鼓)。PD彻底的拿出着他们的技术和暴虐感。色碾采样。整体流畅。

You could call this a stereotypical death metal band. I mean, check out the song titles, how more death metal can you get? This is a far cry from Nile, a band I highly enjoy and respect, but as you know, you cannot do a compare and contrast when reviewing music. You have to judge it for its content and the musicianship. Well Prostitute Disfigurement shows musicianship, even if the titles are just off-the-wall.
The drumming is quite good. Some triggers are used, but that does not deter from the sheer speed and a power provided. The timing is just perfect and the bass drum is not being done on the typical sixteenth-note beat. Actually, the opening track shows you that Prostitute Disfigurement wants to stray away from that style. A wise choice indeed because this allows both the bass and guitars to do things that you cannot normally do. This shows the classic musicianship of basing the music around the drums and bass, and not guitar riffs.

Of course the guitar playing is quite strong. Absolutely no power strumming here, lots of riffs and plenty of solos. Again, although the titles are stereotypical, the music itself is quite original. This is what allowed me to enjoy the album more than I expected. Screw the titles, screw the lyrics, and just enjoy the damn music! Well as for more on the guitars, the tuning is a higher than one would expect and the amp volume is at the right height. Very well constructed and again shows that musicianship that sets them apart from other bands.

Now for the vocals, and believe me, this is the one thing you can almost always expect from death metal. Very guttal and extremely deep which goes with the music, but can get very repetitive. Fortunately the band does include some lighter death vocals that are a nice break from the brutality. I do wish they had used the lighter death vocals more because it adds so much more diversity to a genre that severally lacks it.

Overall this is an enjoyable album and death metal fans will eat this up. This is still not my thing, but you have to objective when dealing with this. Those loving the melodies of Nightwish can just ignore this with extreme prejudice. However, if you feel like giving your ears a bit of a trip, give this spin. Most will probably be scared away by the brutality, but we are talking about a genre called Death Metal aren’t we?


01. Slaughterhouse Sledgehammer02:10
02. Feasting on Remains01:58
03. Choking on Defecation02:55
04. Bloodless02:09
05. Rotting Away is Better Than Being Gay02:52
06. Chainsaw Abortion00:50
07. Knifeslasher02:54
08. Disemboweled02:21
09. On Her Guts I Cum02:30
10. Prostitute Disfigurement02:38
11. Cadaver Blowjob02:09
12. Dissector02:05






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